John Steel Singers

Eumundi Live has a delectable menu of fine musical grooves planned for Australia Day Weekend festivities on Sunday 26th January!


Headlining are The John Steel Singers, whose new album, Everything’s A Thread underlines their music’s thrilling sparks of creative spontaneity – and flaunts a band with enviable confidence in the ability to let their songs take them where they need to go; to just play rather than meticulous contrast. The result is music with robust grooves, eccentric melodies and those trademark harmonies.

Principal support are The Dawn Chorus, who’ve been making their mark on the local and international music scene since 2008.
 The band have neatly honed their distinct sound from an extensively wide range of genres, settling somewhere between Folk, Blues, Rock, Jazz and Indie. Renowned for his intense delivery, main man, Mitch Davis puts into words personal tales that captivate listeners from all ages and backgrounds. With a voice that stands unique and powerful, you can’t help but stop, look and listen. Here’s a taste.

Also on the bill is Sunny Coast blues sensation Barry Charles and the Deeper Beat. Not just another singer, Barry Charles is a man with an extraordinary voice. Regarded as one of the most innovative vocalists around today, he exhibits his five-octave range with powerful textures of tone and emotion. Barry’s performances mesmerize with deep blues grooves and wildly free improvised vocal scatting. He selects his songs carefully, with an eclectic mix of his originals and selected album covers which he gives with his own unique interpretation. His songwriting touches the soul with observations of life, love, fantasy and humor – darkness and light. Take a listen…

Completing our line-up for this fabulous feast of pop, funk, dance and rock on Sunday 26th January are the Tea Society – a 5 piece indie rock band hailing from the Sunshine Coast playing a fusion of sunny indie rock with a jazzy funk vibe. Coming from different musical backgrounds and influences, they swing from gypsy jazz to indie pop.


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