Eumundi Live has a delectable menu of sweet soul sounds planned for our special Sunny Coast Pride Chillout event on the final day of this festival, Sunday 23rd February.

Headlining are the Art of Sleeping, touring their new release, Like a Thief. Whilst taking the high road in a lyrical sense, Art of Sleeping packs some serious punch in a live setting. The new EP captures the powerful vitality and potent lyricism that hits hard at Art of Sleeping’s live shows. Melding strong instrumental hooks, ambient rhythmic textures and the prominent vocal strength of front man Caleb Hodges, Art of Sleeping’s live reputation will have you in rapture.

Also making up this powerful line-up is In2Nation They will command your body with a super groovy bass – in lock step with drums and percussion, with an overlay of electrifying guitar. In2 are a bunch of Aussie Sunny Coast lads, addicted to funk, reggae, hiphop… Recently back in the studio putting the finishing touches on their next release, which will drop in the next few months… In2Nation are bringing the funk back!

Eumundi Live also welcomes The Flumes… Electric Harp pouring out psychedelic melodies over a stylin’ rhythm section, laced with soulful vocal and kicking out a lushly funky, dark and sparkling, intoxicating brew. Harpist Kayt Wallace immerses herself in 36 strings of Electric Harp, as her vocals sweep from whispers to soulful roars. Combined with the tasty grooves of rhythm section; the Flumes transcend genres, awakening audiences to the deliciousness of music and kicking out a fat live sound.

Completing our line-up for this fabulous feast of pop, funk, hiphop, jazz and rock is Asa Broomhall! Supercharged guitar, soaring voice, vamping harmonica and evoking lyrics, that’s Asa Broomhall. His advanced musicianship, powerful delivery and comical stage patter has enchanted audiences everywhere. From Concerts and Festivals all over Oz, the UK and North America, to touring with renowned artists. And, with 5 self-produced releases under his belt, Asa is one of Australia’s finest Independent acts.

All Profits from Eumundi Live go to vital local charities: Katie Rose Hospice; Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre; Riding for the Disabled.


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