HoneyBird is a blues rock band from the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/honeybird.australia














They have been playing local gigs on the Coast since 2011, as well as LP tour gigs in Brisbane and Toowoomba. They are a five-piece band that creates original music, weaving blues guitar rhythms with a rock backbone and raw, poetic lyricism.

HoneyBird is:
Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher / Vocals
Andrew Kidd / Guitar and Backing Vocals
Anthony Wynne-Hoelscher / Guitar and Backing Vocals
Paul Kusy / Bass and Jazz Guitar

Guest Artists for “Metropolis” rock-opera:
Ami Carney / Drums
John May / Keys
String quartet led by Matisse Williment

HoneyBird is also collaborating with Ian Golding, a celebrated video and lighting director, for the project.

HoneyBird debuted their first recorded originals in 2013 on album ‘A Golden Thread’. https://soundcloud.com/antman0007/sets/honeybird-a-golden-thread

These songs will be included, some reinterpreted, in the Metropolis score, along with new originals and reinterpreted covers specifically created for this show.







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