Hello Morning Image Cropped“Armed to the teeth with songs elegantly robust and organically haunting, carrying the old guard swoon of acts like The Band and Neil Young, along with the determined swagger of newer blues statesmen My Morning Jacket, The Hello Morning live and breathe their craft.” – NME, October 2011.

Starting out in 2004 as a songwriting partnership between Steven Clifford (vocals/guitar) and Matt Smith (guitar/vocals) who drew inspiration from an incredibly diverse palette ranging from Otis Redding to The Black Keys and Wilco, The Hello Morning has evolved into a six piece tour de force live act.

In 2008, the band produced their own EP, and this along with the growing reputation of The Hello Morning performances, bought them to the attention of the Outpost Label, to which they were duly signed and became stable mates to Bertie Blackman and Kimbra, both of whom guest on their debut album.

After a couple of months spent in a Daylesford bluestone cottage writing songs, the band embarked on recording their debut album with some of Australia’s most noted craftsmen.

Recorded by Jimi Maroudas (Living End, Tim Rogers, Eskimo Joe) at Melbourne’s Sing Sing studios, then following the initial recording, the band continued within the studio recording strings and horns, and was able to accomplish some Gospel Choir gold via Atlanta, Georgia.

“We worked on every session, every take, every mix”, beams Clifford. “We didn’t stop until what we heard in our heads was right there in front of us. It felt like a lifetime, but it was too important to us to have done it any other way.”

Headlining Sunday 24th November.
Get tickets: www.redchair.com.au/red-e-tix/Eumundi+Live/471/

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